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Leasing -- What We Do and Do Not -

The Best Way to Get New Leasing Done, In Our Opinion -

We do not offer our clients new tenant commercial leasing brokerage services, because we believe there is a better way -- hiring third-party leasing firms. Most of our clients already have an established business relationship with a third-party leasing firm. This is the best arrangement, for an established business relationship works best for all parties.

Where our clients do not have an established relationship with a third-party leasing firm, we work to find the best commercial leasing brokerage firm for their specific property in their locale. There are many excellent commercial leasing brokerage firms. Some are better at one type or size or locale of property than other firms. We negotiate with the selected third-party firm for the best possible performance and price with the aim to establish a long-term relationship with that firm for the client.

Once the third-party firm is selected and the contract with them is set, we manage the firm's work to ensure our clients receive top quality service. We work with that third-party commercial leasing firm until the job is done and the new tenant is under lease.

While our clients find this service very beneficial, we know our clients also like the fact that we do not charge extra for this management service. The third-party leasing firms we work with like this arrangement, for they know they are working with professionals with high standards. We work together to get the job done right, all without additional charge from Portfolio Realty Management, Inc.

Leasing Companies We Work With -

Portfolio Realty Management, Inc. will work with any third-party commercial leasing firm once we are convinced they will provide our clients with top quality service at a cost-effective price. Over the years, we have worked with dozens of firms. The following is a partial list, shown alphabetically -

       Colliers International Partnership, San Jose:   408-282-3800
       Cushman & Wakefield, San Jose:   408-436-5500
       Cushman & Wakefield, Los Altos:   650-941-0292
       Cushman & Wakefield, Santa Clara:   408-615-3400
       Equus Associates, Santa Clara:   408-245-4000
       Newmark Cornish & Carey, Santa Clara:   408-727-9600
       Newmark Cornish & Carey, Palo Alto:   650-322-2600
       Newmark Cornish & Carey, San Mateo:   650-341-5800
       Meacham/Oppenheimer, San Jose:   408-378-5900
       Prime Commercial, Santa Clara:   408-879-4000
       Ritchie Commercial, San Jose:   408-971-2700
       SRS Real Estate Partners, Santa Clara:   408-553-6135

For a listing of the commercial leasing firms our clients have currently engaged, please visit the Available Space portion of this website.

Tenant Renewals -

Offered at a small additional charge, Portfolio Realty Management, Inc. is often your best choice for handling existing tenant renewals. We know your tenants and we know your requirements and desires. Most of our clients retain us to initiate, negotiate and document all lease renewals. Our rate schedule is much lower than the competition. Clients may optimally retain our firm or handle this vital need any way they wish.

If Portfolio Realty Management, Inc. is retained for tenant renewal, we see the task through to completion. This includes drafting necessary lease amendments or drafting a whole new lease, either way at no additional charge.

A Few Words About Leases -

All leases are not created equally. There are many commercial leases that do not represent the state of today's leasing market. A few are overly aggressive in their effort to try to tip the business scale in favor of the landlord. Many are overly lax in favor of the tenant. We believe that a good quality lease strikes a business balance between the landlord and the tenant. Therefore, we have researched lease products carefully and selected two approaches we recommend depending upon property type.

For our clients with industrial, R&D or office properties, we typically recommend the lease forms of the American Industrial Real Estate Association (AIREA). We use AIREA forms supplemented by our own standardized lease addenda. For our clients with retail properties, we have found no similar industry product. Therefore, we have spent many hundreds of hours developing our own retail lease form. This comprehensive lease form is offered to our retail-owning clients without additional charge. It has gained the respect of tenants, landlords and their respective counsel.

All of our lease forms and lease addenda are copyright protected and offered to clients at no additional charge.

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