Portfolio Realty Management, Inc. provides high-quality, full-service property management to owners of industrial, office and retail properties.

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Santa Clara County, San Mateo County, Southern Alameda County
Properties In Our Care -

What We Manage -

Portfolio Realty Management, Inc. provides high-quality property management services to owners of industrial, office and retail properties. We manage single-tenant and multi-tenant properties, single-story and high-rise properties. We manage first class buildings to buildings serving the most basic of business needs. We are fond of saying we manage anything on a commercial lease.

A Few Words About Residential Management -

We are convinced that commercial management takes a great deal of expertise and experience to perform the best possible job. So does residential management. We do not have the resources to be experts in both. At this time, we are not able to offer residential management on any property type.

Why We Manage Where We Do -

We at Portfolio Realty Management, Inc. know that often we must physically be at the properties under our care in order to provide top quality service. We have learned the practical limit is 45 minutes of one-way travel from our office in San Jose. Therefore, we limit our management services to all of Santa Clara County, the bay half of San Mateo County and the southern half of Alameda County, taking in Hayward and the tri-cities area.

If you have a question concerning our service area, please call on us. If you have a property within our service area, we would be pleased to consider its management.

Examples of Properties in Our Care -

      Large properties or small properties.
      One tenant or many tenants.
      Retail, office, R&D or industrial.

El Monte Center
Mountain View
56,000 square feet
18 tenants

Sunrise Plaza
San Jose
122,000 square feet
25 tenants

84 W. Santa Clara St.
San Jose
98,000 square feet
35 tenants

145-155 N. Wolfe Rd.
21,000 square feet
2 tenants

940 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose
17,000 square feet
18 tenants

Westgate Corners
21,000 square feet
11 tenants

   4020 Moorpark Avenue, Suite 218
   San Jose, CA 95117

   Tel: 408/556-0200
   Fax: 408/556-0206
   E-mail: info@portfoliorealty.com

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