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Vendor Payment Practice -

Portfolio Realty Management, Inc. is unique in many ways, but one way in particular that all of our vendors appreciate. We pay our vendors promptly. Very fast payment is typically how our vendors describe our payment practice.

We pay all approved invoices within two business days of receipt, sometimes in less time!

What this means is that you, our vendors, may email, fax, hand deliver, or just mail us an invoice. Upon receipt, we will process that invoice fully approve it, code it (for our accounting), enter it in our books and records, draft a check, sign the check, and mail the check within two days for everybody, every time. No waiting.

The key to our process is the receipt of an approved invoice. The property supervisor here at Portfolio assigned to each property must approve every invoice. Send us one that is wrong or does not make sense and the process must wait until the invoice is either explained or revised.

Why do we pay so rapidly? Because it is good business good for you and good for us. It is good for us, for it keeps our accounting systems running smoothly every day of the month. More importantly to us, we expect rapid response to our needs when we call.

We are happy to provide vendor references for those who need them. Our vendors love to work for us, because we do right by them. They do great work for us.

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